Saturday, January 2, 2010

Diamond Rio

Watching a Diamond Rio concert on Direct TV channel and remembering the blast we had hanging out at a NASCAR race and ending up spending the end of the evening hanging out on Tony Stewart's bus.

Diamond Rio was the musical guest and national anthem peformers so Chevy, Beth, was hosting them and I was along for help :-) Ended up going everywhere with the guys, pit road (still have the lug nuts from Tony's wheel change during practice) to the garages, EVEN to the driver's meeting which was incredible. One of the DR guys just held my hand and people thought I was his girlfriend and nobody questioned it.

Brian introduced me to Tony behind the stage when drivers were being introduced before they sang and they are his favorite band. "Kim, do you know Tony?" Oh yeah, sure I do.... :-)

Part way through the race Tony wrecked and called Marty and we all ended up hanging out and watching the rest of the race on his bus with him. Good, good times.

I think I need to get out of this self imposed hibernation from a social life and start having fun again!

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