Friday, October 30, 2009

Vampiress Ava

Dark Harbor House on Islesboro Under Contract

This is one of my favorite houses in Maine. The way the house is sited on the lot, the majesty of the lines - and some wonderful memories of time spent there are all very compelling. Now under contract, this property will make someone a wonderful home with a lot of historic significance to reflect on.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Historic Homes

We had a great time at the marathon Historic Homes division class and meeting in Portland yesterday.

Linda J, Dana, Erica, John and I went to Cinque Terra for dinner the night before and it was absolutely fantastic.

Breakfast at Pomegrante was remarkable for those that stayed there and then we had a two hour walking tour of the West End and then more class at Pom and were served an unbelievable lunch with the yummiest onion soup ever.

Bradley took this picture of Ava who was an absolute angel all day and didn't miss a moment of the tour or class. John, on the other hand....

Sunday, October 25, 2009

One down....

Since my life seems to be "as soon as I get this behind me" I can check off a big one.

Maine Harvest Brunch with Chef Carmen was pretty darn amazing. The inn looked great, so many friends were there and so many helped, a really nice experience. Everyone was so kind about what we have done with Danforth.

The absolute best part of the day is that it was BEAUTIFUL weather, perfect and Ava was an absolute angel, dozing in the car for almost three hours in all. I went out to check every 20 minutes or so and she was amazing.

Check out these pictures that Dana Moos took:

Monday, October 19, 2009

New Mantra

Back in Bar Harbor and my mantra is, Please Lord, get me through next weekend. Already exhausted for Danforth event NEXT Sunday, this can't be good.....

Here's menu though:

Maine lobster with key lime mayonnaise and avocado relish on tostones
Sweet plantain and peekytoe crabmeat piononos

Plantain, yucca and sweet potato chips with smoked haddock dip
Apple and mamey fritters


First Plate
Maine cod eggs benedict with shredded yautia and green banana pancakes

Second Plate
Oyster, sausage and roasted tomato casserole with yuca and roasted garlic mofongo

Third plate
Pulled pork and braised pork belly with sweet plantain hash and fried quail egg

Silver dollar pancakes with warm green papaya salad and vanilla bean whipped cream
Crispy churros with hot chocolate
Torrejas with fresh blueberries and requesón (homemade farmers cheese)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The grass is always greener....

I always think I can get more accomplished if I am in the place I am not. When I am in Bar Harbor, I think if I could just get to Portland I could get some things done and visa versa.

Did get a lot done working on job description for new marketing/public relations position and spent some time at all three inns, moving art around, finalizing next weekend's event, talking with chef about restaurant at The Danforth but... have things to do in Bar Harbor and I keep counting how many days before I can tackle those.

And, admittedly, there is no more wonderful house than the Bar Harbor one for when you want to be warm, and in the summer for when you want to be cool. SO! spoiled.

Ava and I have been walking around Portland, West End, so much today people probably think we are planning something but I miss the carriage roads and it is so nice to tire her out, especially here where she isn't as comfortable in her space here.

Biggest mistake of the day was having a pomegranate mimosa with lunch at Front Room, holy moly, ruined me for the afternoon. Went to visit Jimmy and John at Compositions and could hardly focus, ONE little mimosa. Never again.

Tomorrow Ava and I are going to Brunswick to FINALLY see the new home of Provisions. Can't wait - will also pick up some great wine.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Gift that is the Carriage Roads

Doesn't that sound sappy?

It seems like every time we take a new route I have a new favorite but I don't think anything can be better than the ones today. We parked at the end of Stanley Brook Road, before it joins the Loop Road and did a private loop. We ran into two of the most beautiful carriages with the most gorgeous horses I have ever seen in my life. Obviously they were people that belonged there and are kind enough to let others use these beautiful roads. One part was along the stream that was so magical and peaceful and I LOVE these without bikes. I have nothing against bikes and can't wait to bike them myself, but it is so much less stressful with Ava if we don't have to worry about some bike screaming around every corner.

This is what life should be. (Thought since I started sappy, I should end that way.)

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Exercise - Water/Food - Sleep. Going to do it the old fashioned way. No matter how much I have to do, I am going to make those three things up top. Ava benefits from every one of them too. Already posted these pics on FB but like them. I was supposed to go to Oktoberfest in Southwest Harbor today and know I would have had a blast but got all messed up trying to deal with an extremely unethical broker who works for another company, shall remain nameless, and took up way too much time. (Need to keep telling myself that any effort we put toward dealing with toxic people only hurts us.) So... didn't get to SWH but Ev, Mom, Ava and I got out for a great walk around Day Mountain.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Last year at this precise time, I was taking a break in Florida. Well, not really a break as we were furnishing and designing two condos but still, away. As much as I would love to do that someday again, I don't see it in the future.
October is nuts. We just finished up Innkeeping Bootcamp, Danforth is very busy with events and weddings, then Harvest on The Harbor and our Harvest Brunch then the Historic Homes specialists class and meeting in Portland..... and that is just Danforth.
I am so tired and really trying to figure out a way not to be. I will exercise, eat right, go to bed early, whatever it takes - so tired of being tired...

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Photo mentioned in post below arrived, thanks Mom :-) Scroll way, way down to see it!

On the subject of Mom, she is now on Facebook and friended Dad and John, didn't even send me a friend request. David Sherman, too bad you aren't on FB, thinking you would have gotten on her list before me. :-)

Timing is everything....

Because of a rainy day, Gam and I took Ava and Mulligan on a walk around Witch Hole earlier than normal. So... Ava wanted her dinner earlier than normal so now, at 8:20, she is staring at me, growling, and barking for more food. Parenting.... :-)

There was the most gorgeous vista at Witch Hole, the water coming down with rain drops between the most beautiful foliage. We went back to Mom and Dad's to get Dad to come take some photos. (My camera dead and can't find the batteries charger...) I would include the pic, but Dad, who has worse ADD than me couldn't figure out how to email to me,, but he will.

Now finishing up outlines and agendas for Innkeeping Bootcamp that starts tomorrow at Danforth.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Press Release

I hadn't seen this press release and then tonight a Realtor that watches all high end stuff in the country tweeted this:

How cool is that???

Thursday, October 1, 2009

YAY October...

The question is, does a great horoscope predict a great month or does reading a great horoscope, predicting a great month bring about a great month.
Either way, I'll take it!
John, Erica, Dana and I had lunch at Geddy's, among the cruise shipees, so that Dana and I could try to finish up the plans for Innkeeping Bootcamp. Really going to be fun, looking forward to it at The Danforth.
I feel that same end of summer exhaustion and I'm convinced that the only way to get over it is to sleep, eat right and exercise. Now to just do it! Ava's game.