Saturday, February 27, 2010


I am so blessed and so fortunate. It was a tough week because of several business challenges. When the going gets tough, a lot of people decide to take shortcuts and exemplify some seriously unethical behavior. I get so frustrated and disappointed.

Then, Ava and I run downtown today to pick up some things and when we get back our wonderful neighbor is here offering to have someone come clean up the tree that fell in the storm because maybe 1 inch of the stump is on her land. THAT is why I am blessed - I do know, and will continue telling myself that the good people in this world outnumber the bad. We all just need to surround ourselves with the good.

We told our lovely neighbor that John will be home Monday and will take care of it. So that Dad can grind it up when he gets home :-) See? Blessed :-)

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