Friday, May 22, 2009

Another Mercury Retrograde Week

Tuesday, Wednesday were crunch days at Danforth. We worked like crazy to get it ready for the holiday weekend. We ended up with six rooms/suites ready for guests and Leslie told me today we filled them all up! Very exciting. Will finish up the next three as soon as the Palecek delivery comes. Grand opening party will probably be end of June before we have everything the way we want it.

Yesterday we had a broker tour of the GORGEOUS Williamson House in Belfast. What a treat. See pics above.
Brunswick Inn on Park Row closed today. It is sold and it is time to start the next chapter. I do wish the new owner the best. It is a wonderful property.
Spent the day today helping at Atlantique with Pat and the owners getting ready for closing in two weeks. Had a great time. Very fun for Pat and I to be styled by a former model and Editor at Town and Country. Listening to stories of Cathy's life is more entertaining than any book.
Brought home a boa from Cathy's closet and Ava went crazy. At first I could not figure out why she was just staring at the couch and barking hysterically until I figured out it was the boa. When I let her sniff it, she went crazy, it must be real. I tried to get it back and she ran like the wind with the boa trailing behind her - it was hysterical and luckily I got it back.

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