Saturday, May 9, 2009


Well.... I would post some pics of the progress but the princess chewed up the cord that downloads pics to my laptop.

There is so much new carpet at Danforth that we put Ava in a little kennel last night. NOT happy. I have to get the dog whisperer, or her Grampa, to train her - I keep thinking I am there and then, not.

I had a great idea on the way to Portland yesterday. Since we can't have a plane, we need get a small but cool RV and a driver. Ave can play around, I can work or treadmill or even sleep. I am not kidding, the hours that I could add to my life. I'm really into this adding hours thing. Getting up at 6 is cool!

I am so hurty right now. My back, my feet. Need to get in shape if we are going to be these big furniture movers. owww....

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE the RV idea Kim! I can totally see a retro style, but new, Airstream RV flying down the highway to all the great destinations! Too bad you couldn't buy Toby Keith's used tour bus...that would be even better!!!!