Saturday, May 30, 2009

Warning, not a happy ending....

Really struggled with whether to post these pictures or not then decided that "Lola's" short life should be remembered. Dad took these this morning after I called frantically for them to come down. Ava and I were on our 7 am walk around our property and startled a bunch of deer. After we came back in we heard crying and when I went out to investigate, without Ava, look who I found.

Trying desperately to trust nature, we talked to Acadia Wildlife, and left Lola for her Mom to come back to later. Skipping to the end, I went out for a quick check before heading out for a little while and Lola had gone to heaven. Everyone was shocked when I called, even Acadia Wildlife and mostly me. So, though I hate nature's guts right now, I am trying to believe that Lola is warm and comfy in heaven.

She was absolutely beautiful and even though I am crying as I write this I think it is better to remember her instead of trying to forget. She is wrapped in a beautiful scarf and buried out front where we will think of her everyday.

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