Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ava's first play date

Av had her first playdate last night with Duncan and Murphy Karu and it was fabulous. Candace has the most amazing house I have ever seen on the ocean in Cape Elizabeth and there is a special fenced in area for the dogs. PERFECT. They ran and chased and Dunc and Murphy did to Ava what she always does to us, flattened out and barked and ran and ran and ran. She looked so big next to them. Very, very nice for her.

I should have then come back to condo that we slept our first night in because she would have been exhausted and went right to sleep. But, we went to dinner so she was able to sleep in the car and rest up.

Candace and Dana had never met before though they have been friends on Twitter. That was great fun for them to finally meet. We went to have dinner at Inn by the Sea and ended up in the bar with appetizers. Yum... I love it there. NO! I don't want to buy it... (okay, maybe a little)

Anyway, Candace went to the ladies room and came back and said, "that's Al Franken right there". Dana and Candace, no fear girls, went over to talk to him and his wife, who is a Maine girl, been married 32 years" Me? I didn't go. I stayed behind and talked to the very cute bartender. who by the way is from Maine too.
Now it is off to a very, very busy Portland day.

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