Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hurricane Bill

What a crazy, chaotic day. Heard tons of sirens, ambulances etc. earlier going down Schooner Head Road. Tweeted that something is up. Then entrance to Acadia got closed because of dangerous waves. Mom and Ev were here at our house (ava's and mine) and Dad showed up because he couldn't get to Thunder Hole, He and Mom decided to go across the road from our house and called Ev and I to come down because it was so crazy. Hilda Roderick and Kathleen Kotas were there too. Here is a video I shot, ignore the audio, I hate my voice on tape. :-) Turns out people were swept into ocean near TH. Last I saw, several rescued, one little girl still missing. Very sad. Between the surf sounding like a freight train, the sirens and the life flight helicopter, it was very noisy for a while. (Can't get the video to upload right now so here are photos)

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