Friday, August 28, 2009

Back in Portland

Nice.... Erica and I are both in Portland to show property tomorrow. Erica is showing clients one of my Portland listings and then Keith follows up with another client for the same listing.

We took advantage of a gorgeous night and walked all around the West End with Ava, marveling at the architecture and getting excited about our new Historic Homes of Maine, niche marketing division of The Swan Agency Sotheby's International Realty. The number of properties on Greater Portland Landmarks is astonishing.

We walked by Pomegranate and couldn't believe that it is on the register with its own name that I had never heard. First thing! Learn the history of your own properties before everyone else's.

Later, after we had worn Ava out and Leslie's trainer had worn her out.... the three of us went to Front Room for a really exceptional dinner. Ava was quite tired so was very good waiting for us in the car. Only about 64 degrees out so she was most comfortable.

I love these days, late August and September. The best of the year! Need to eat out a lot as summer is too hot for Ava in the car and winter too cold but NOW, just right.

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