Monday, August 10, 2009

Portland Week

Headed off to Portland shortly. Lots on the agenda.

First, this evening Ava has a play date at my friend Candace's house with her two Yorkies, Murphy and Duncan. I am wondering if this is going to precipitate Ava wanting a dog of her own.... dinner afterward with Candace and Dana who is innsitting in Portland for a few days and working her culinary magic for guests at WEI.

Tomorrow I have meetings at Danforth and lots of work to do there. We are going to be talking with the Portland CVB about Harvest on the Harbor and how Danforth can participate with a Harvest Brunch. Want to bring my friend Carmen Gonzales, a celebrity chef from New York City up to the Portland scene, great opportunity for all. Carmen is close friends with Beth at WEI, which is how I know her. That foodie weekend will be right up all of their alleys. Tomorrow night having dinner with friends and pitching a really great idea that may have some serious wings :-)

May host a brunch on Wednesday or Thursday morning at Danforth. Waiting to hear from Leslie on some scheduling.

And MAYBE we'll go look at the latest property that I covet. Hmmm....

Oh yeah, tomorrow I am buying West End Inn...

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