Saturday, August 29, 2009

Soggy, soggy.....

Ava wanted up early even though the rain from Hurricane Danny had begun. She has no depth perception or something like that. She walks right through puddles, no hesitation, no breaking stride and seems to always go for the deepest part. She was up to her armpits in one today. I just try to get her to walk around but end of laughing and she looks up at me like "what are you laughing at Mom? we've got a walk to go on" Have I said lately how much I love my puppy?

Had two great showings at 161 Pine, the building that I have an apartment in right now. Love this place. Headed over to Danforth and then back here to work on projects.

Getting very excited about music video - can't say much yet except that we will hopefully film in Maine and it will be an Aaron Benward written and performed fantastic, fun, chart topping song! Researching new film studio here in Portland...

At same time working on our new Historic Homes of Maine division for Swan - going to be incredible.

Really want to go out tonight, love being in Portland but had lunch with Dennis and Keith at Dogfish, so had a good meal, and now just want to stay in and work on stuff. This weirdo weather has worn me out.

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