Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mars in Gemini

Today was supposed to be a particularly tough and challenging day according to Astrology Zone and I kept waiting for something to happen, and it did.

I left Bar Harbor in plenty of time to head to Bangor to pick up my friend Aaron Benward who was flying in a day early so that we could hang out before his Blue County concert at Criterion tomorrow night. Of course, since she will be spending a lot of time alone in the next few days, I brought Ava.

It was HORRIBLY hot out. Ava is so sweet and excited to go with Mom. Around Hulls Cove I smelled chicken so strongly. I soon discovered, not in a good way, that poor Av had gotten sick, not throwing up........, in the far back of the Range Rover and brought some up to me. Oh my GOD! And speaking of God... God bless John Bennett. I couldn't get him right away so called Mom (God Bless Mom too) and said, "Find John Bennett and send him here!!!" He came to Hulls Cove as fast as he could and got Ava. I had time to clean Ava, clean the car (God Bless Purell) and John took her home. I continued on to Bangor and even though Aaron was 20 minutes early, and I was 20 minutes late - we met right at baggage claim, he did have to yell to me but there he was. So handsome and so sweet and I am so glad he is here. Poor Ava was the bad part of the day, the rest was perfect.

Aaron and I had a fantastic dinner at Havana then picked up a copy of the Islander to see the article that they interviewed him for, very nice. Then we called it a night, he has been on Red Eyes almost constantly for the last few weeks, traveling constantly. I can't do three crazy nights in a row and the next two will be nuts. The most important thing in AB's life is his family and he could get some rest and I'm sure talk to Kenda and the kids. I told him tonight that he needs to write a song about fathers and sons, it could be amazing.

We are psyched for tomorrow night and then to go to Portland on Friday. Tired already but it will be over before we know it.

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