Thursday, August 13, 2009


Headed back to BH today, a few meetings first and then on the road. The Range Rover dealership has a new one in that they are enticing me to come see but I will resist,,, until Monday maybe :-)

It has been a whirlwind but got a lot done, think I own another inn though don't know if the deed is back. Dinner party last night at Danforth was fun for Brian and Beth's Aug 16th birthdays.

Ava and I no longer match in the hair department, will post pic later. Pretty happy with it. Ava had her first babysitter experience from 4-7:30 yesterday. It was pretty cool :-) They guarantee me she was an angel but I have my doubts. She went to play at the park and ran and ran and ran. She even went to visit her Uncle Jimmy a/k/a her boyfriend who gave her the most beautiful flowers to take home with her from Compositions. Wow!

In a holding pattern now as I wait for all my morning meeting people to finish serving breakfast in their respective inns....

New condo is fun to hang out but mostly the location is beyond perfect. 5:30 AM Ava and I walk all over the West End. So So beautiful here. What a fabulous neighborhood.

All for now, should be able to visit inns now, maybe even get some left overs :-)

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