Thursday, August 13, 2009

Next Week

Just working on next week schedule and wondering how I am going to make it through...

Why? oh Why? did I schedule being host to a George Ballantyne/Sotheby's talk in Northeast Harbor on Tuesday night and host to a wild and crazy Blue County concert at Criterion in Bar Harbor on Thursday night..? Just imagine the difference in wardrobe alone. :-)

OH and then, after the Thursday night performance, heading down to Portland with the guys for a night in the big city before they head to a New Hampshire state fair as headliners on Saturday. I need help...

This is after I run to Portland on Monday to set up new furnace installation and some press meetings at inns.

And after Aaron flies in from Nashville a day ahead of the band on Wednesday for some work on Maineville and some other possible business pursuits. and at least a great dinner at Havana.

All in the pursuit of keeping my mind occupied............ ;-)

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