Saturday, August 22, 2009

OK - back to real world

Our annual fundraiser for a charity is always a ton of work but so much fun when it gets pulled off.

After a fantastic concert on Thursday night, Aaron and Scott signed autographs and took pics in the lobby at Criterion which is always fun. They are great sports about it. Then we chilled out for a little while in my office then joined some friends at Rupununi's for a midnight dinner. That's become a ritual. Home at 1:00 AM, Erica stayed here and picked Scott up the next morning at 8AM to swim laps at the Bar Harbor Club.

Had another ritual, lunch the next day at Fish House, lobster for most of the guys. (We texted BC's former road manager at lunch saying where are you? wish you were here. He called immediately and was on a bus in Oklahoma with Emerson Drive and said he was just thinking that he had to call me because ED is at Winsor Fair on September 5 and he wanted me to come up. So ironic, as that is how I got to know the BC guys so well, Joey inviting me to a fair they were doing, small world)

We left for Portland around 3. Ava stayed with Mom, Evelyn and Dad. First time we were ever apart over night and it was not easy. But, there is no way she could have come. She would have hated it and I think she was good here. a little high maintenace I'm sure.... Once again, God Bless Mom.

After several stops, Aaron, Scott and I got to Portland around 7:30, shortly after Erica, Rob and Oscar got there. Leslie, Beth, Tom M and Maddie and Chris Bohler all came over and we had a really nice time. Then Aaron, Oscar, Rob, Erica, Chris and I went to Vignola's for the rest of the night. Laughed harder than I have laughed forever in the last few days. That is the most fun.

Erica had to leave early this morning but I had breakfast with the guys, Leslie made them Lobster Benedict, and we just hung out before they had to hit the road at 11:30. I had this very sad feeling come over me for a minute. Aaron and I feed off each other's energy so much and we wish we didn't live so far apart. It was SOOO cool when they sang Maineville songs at the concert. When things hit, it will be amazing. He is so talented.

I headed home to see Ava asap when they left and they headed to New Hampshire to do afternoon and evening sets at a state fair. (Aaron just called though a few minutes ago from there, seems it has been raining all day, they only got a quick set in and looks like they'll be rained out for the rest)

So I had my little break from work but back at it now. Headed to Nashville soon to work on projects, for sure.

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